Travis Ballenger, Professional Benefit Auctioneer,  has an auction chant that creates excitement and the bidding is infectious. Travis is one of the finest benefit auctioneers in North America and brings a wealth of knowledge to the planning and preparation required to have a successful benefit auction. Travis has built a solid reputation for 30 years of producing exceptional results year after year for his clients.

Travis will bring a lot of energy to your event and you can trust him to be a great ambassador for your event.  Travis is proud to have helped so many non-profit organizations raise so much money that dreams were able to be turned into reality.


richvenzorRich Venzor works as a benefit auctioneer and his auction chant creates energy and excitement that compels guests to raise their paddles and bid.  Rich has been an auctioneer for 20+ years and does a great job for his clients.  He continues to help non-profit organizations raise money with his fast talking auction chant.

Rich loves being an auctioneer and his passion shines through creating a lot of fun for the guests bidding.




Troy Miller works as both a benefit auctioneer and master of ceremonies for non-profit organizations.  He has a passion for helping non-profit organizations exceed their goals for fundraising.  As a benefit auctioneer and master of ceremonies he has a gift for creating excitement that encourages others to give generously.  Troy’s dedication to his clients is followed closely by his dedication to community. He was recognized as Volunteer of the Year by the Rescue School District, twice received the Paul Harris Award for his involvement in Rotary, and is a 2006 graduate of the FBI Citizen Academy.  Troy is an active member of Ducks Unlimited and Trinity Church.